IEWebGL - WebGL for Internet Explorer

IEWebGL v1.1.4 Released

- Fixed WebGL error logging to browser console.
- Added some CORS textures support.
- Fixed buffer range checking in glDrawElements().
- Fixed convertion of FP values from JS (made it system locale invariant).

[13 June 2013]

IEWebGL v1.1.3 Released

- Fixed issues with first frame rendering.
- Delete WebGL objects that were deleted are no longer bound to the GL context.

[10 December 2012]

IEWebGL v1.1.2 Released

- Fixed drawing single frame (static image).
- Fixed creating textures from images with "data:" URI scheme.

[19 September 2012]

IEWebGL v1.1.1 Released

- Added support of EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic WebGL extension.
- Small bug fix.
- Added new LXEngine demos.
- Added new three.js demos.

[2 August 2012]

IEWebGL v1.1.0 Released

- Fixed all graphics resources leaks, work clean under D3D Debug Runtime.
- Fixed LCIE threading issues.
- Fixed all memory leaks, work clean under debug heap manager.
- Added support for IE10 Release Preview. Now IEWebGL can use native TypedArrays, that gains significant speedup (x1,5 up to x10 depending on application).
- Added tiny extension to TypedArray specification, to support receiving binary data through XMLHttpRequest in IE browsers without XHR Level 2 support. See for details.

[10 July 2012]

IEWebGL v1.0.8 Released

- Fixed handling of vertex attribute 0.

[02 May 2012]

IEWebGL v1.0.7 Released

- Now totally free for commercial and non-commercial use. Yes it is freeware !
- Very experimental support of WEBGL_compressed_texture_s2tc extension.
- Fixed creation of non-alpha blended context.

[19 Mar 2012]

IEWebGL v1.0.6 Released

- getShaderPrecisionFormat() API from latest WebGL spec.
- Decreased memory consumption and improved stability
- Bug fixes

[20 Dec 2011]

IEWebGL v1.0.5 Released

- Bug fixes
- Performance optimizations

[21 Nov 2011]

IEWebGL v1.0.4 Released

- License chages: IEWebGL is now totally free for non-commercial use !
- Improved memory consumption and plugin stability
- Several performance optimizations
- Unit test suite updated with Khronos conformance tests

[20 Oct 2011]

IEWebGL v1.0.3 Released

- Experimental support for OES_texture_float and OES_standard_derivatives WebGL extensions added
- New samples: Vertex Texture Fetch and A32F Shadow Mapping
- Crashes when working in multiple browser tabs fixed
- Several texture loading and decoding bugs fixed
- Drawing to native canvas fixed
- Test suite published

[05 Sep 2011]

Searching for projects

We would like to present unlimited license for 100 projects (games, WebGL frameworks) who would support IEWebGL. Add IEWebGL support and let us know.
Please, contact us:

[18 Aug 2011]

IEWebGL v1.0 Released

IEWebGL plugin is developed to make possible for web developers to use same technologies and same project code base for all platforms. It is important because WebGL is expected to be widely supported on all platforms from mobile to desktop.

- Standard compatible
- One-click plugin installation and update
- Fast (up to 100 FPS on IE9 and IE10 Platform Previews, up to 60 FPS in IE8)
- Works in all actual IE versions
- Secure (no local content loading, no cross-domain textures)
- Works even without OpenGL drivers installed
- Works through remote desktop on Vista and Windows 7

You can easily install IEWebGL plugin. There is neither toolbars/popups added, nor browser load time increased, IEWebGL simply works when itís needed.

[08 Aug 2011]

IEWebGL Beta 2 Released

- No local and cross-domain textures
- IE6 and IE7 support added
- Texture loading bugs on XP fixed
- Correctly handles lost context state
- Context attributes flags handling fixed
- Digitally signed
- Developer's demos updated (now run in IE8)

[01 Jul 2011]

IEWebGL Beta Released

After several months of prototyping, development and testing, the first IEWebGL beta is presented to public.

[27 Jun 2011]

IEWebGL is a plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, that adds support for WebGL - modern web 3D graphics standard.

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